210L Cased Indirect Slimline Open Vented Heat Pump Cylinder

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210l Cased Indirect Slimline Open Vented Heat Pump Cylinder

Size H x W:2005 x 475mm
Weight empty / full:37 / 247KG
Standing Losses:2.23KWh/24hr
Heat Pump coil surface area:3.01 M²
ERP Information
Heat loss:93 W

Solfex Cylinders

Our cylinders are specifically designed for solar applications in mind, therefore providing an efficient way of providing domestic hot water. Each model features a dedicated high performance solar coil, transferring the maximum amount of heat from the solar circuit to the stored water.

The direct models are electrically heated cylinders, using the 3kW immersion heater supplied with the unit, with a high performance solar coil. They are capable of meeting the requirements of Building regulations, provided that it is matched to the panels and the hot water requirement correctly.

The indirect cylinders are heated by a conventional boiler (either gas or oil) through a second high performance coil